What we offer you

Weed Force offers the farmer and small lot holder a specialised product range which provides safe, effective and affordable solutions to their weed control problems.
In particular, Weed Force offers solutions to the following:- 
  • Better results for customers who are generally not satisfied with poor levels of weed control using glyphosate (ie  brands such as Roundup) based products alone. This is especially true in situations where glyphosate has been used previously thereby shifting the weed spectrum toward tougher, more glyphosate tolerant weeds.
  • Fewer herbicide applications to achieve ongoing weed control by the use of soil residual products which can control weeds for up to 12 months.
  • Long term weed control products to maintain gravel driveways and yards, around buildings, along fence lines, woody weed clumps, around equipment and infrastructure such as pumps etc. In such areas extended bare ground is preferable. 
  • Professional strength products as opposed to the " low strength" of hardware sourced products( which are generally developed for the home garden market)
  • Product knowledge of herbicides including simple tools and apps to make the job easier. These are supplied via our website. There is a general lack of knowledge in the current retail outlets which services these segments to identify and recommend suitable products which will offer improved results.
  • More suitable and affordable pack sizes: Agricultural outlets and chemical manufacturers usually treat this market as nuisance value and only supply most products in large pack sizes. Most of the professional formulations are only offered in pack sizes too large (ie for farmers or contractors) or too small ( home garden market). 
  • The right advice based on relevant information via our educational website. Most agricultural outlets see hobby farmers and small lot holders as relatively low value so there continues to be little motivation to provide detailed information. With the exception of glyphosate based products very few other valuable products are available in small, affordable pack sizes.
  • On-line shopping and free delivery* via our easy to navigate website. 
  • Professional strength products. Our  direct contact model has been established for your convenience. 
  • Local access to our products via a select group of local distributor/retail outlets have been appointed for those who prefer to shop for our products in a more traditional way.
  • New Products as many of the products offered by Weed Force have never before been available in pack sizes suitable to smaller users. Weed Force is committed through its research and development to bring new specialised products to the market to better the existing and emerging weed problems of the hobby farm and small lot holder. 
  • Specialised and commercial quality small area spraying equipment. We recognise that there is a lot of low quality spraying equipment available so we have selected a small range of professional equipment to recommend to you and supply if needed. We recommend only commercial quality equipment and also provide detailed instructions specifically as when used with Weed Force products...one less thing for you to think about. You also have the comfort of knowing that you have purchased quality German manufactured equipment.
  • Better results as many of the products offered by Weed Force have not been available in pack sizes suitable to smaller users. These products can now be offered to hobby farmers and significantly improve results and customer satisfaction. Expect the same results the professionals do!
*Free delivery is offered on all purchases over $100 to most locations. Email us to confirm if your location is included.