Our Story

Weed Force is a 100%  Australian owned company established in 2014. 

The inspiration for the Weed Force concept arose through the frequency of questions from friends and acquaintances about how to obtain better weed control often following disappointing results with the diluted and low strength glyphosate formulations available in hardware outlets. Also, when small land holders would inquire at agricultural outlets seeking products which provide extended or long term weed control, often disappointment would follow when the most suitable products were not available in small or affordable pack sizes. One of the most common questions by customers, frustrated by the need for repeat spraying with general weeds killers was,  "what can I add to my weed killer to make it last longer?"

We listened and as a result over the past two years we have developed Weed Stop herbicide to stop the emergence of weed seeds for up to 9 months after spraying. Weed Stop is added to your general purpose weed killer. Your weed killer "kills the weeds" and Weed Stop "Stops the seeds"  for up to 9 months.

We only offer professional-grade weed control products and Australian made products are sourced wherever possible. These products are the same products that professional weed control companies use. Our website will guide you to the right products, and we can save you anywhere up to 200% of the cost of buying expensive diluted brands at the hardware store.

Our Store

Our store is website based. Our website is educational, customer focused and easy to use. We provide the convenience of on-line shopping and fast free shipping. None of the products offered by Weed Force products are classified as dangerous goods and so they can be safely posted to you.

Weed Force is the ideal partner for hobby/lifestyle farmers and small lot holders