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Individual Product Labels, Brochures and SDS

Our products are listed below with their available downloads. Tick which ones you'd like and press the 'download' button at the bottom to download a zip file containing all PDF files.

Product Brochure MSDS Label
A-Mine 625 Broadleaf Herbicide
Big Cat Broadleaf Herbicide
Broad Sweep broadleaf herbicide
Broad Sweep Pasture Weed Combo
Dart 100SC Grub Spider Ant Insecticide
Evict 540 Potassium Salt herbicide
Evict Bio 360 herbicide
Evict Bio 510 herbicide
Fang 240 Marshmallow and Nettle Herbicide
Grass Clear Grass Herbicide
Ground Keeper Herbicide
Gusto Woody Weed Combo
Gusto Woody Weed herbicide
Holdfast Organosilicone Penetrant & Wetting Agent
Kamba M Herbicide
Renovate Broadleaf and Woody Weed Herbicide
Rhodamine Red Spray Marker Dye
Side Kick wetting agent and spray drift reducer
StandOut Bio dye
Thiss-Off herbicide
Trike 600 herbicide
Troll Broad Spectrum Knockdown Herbicide
Weed Stop - Industrial Combo
Weed Stop Combo
Weed Stop Herbicide
Weed Sweep General Purpose Herbicide
Wetter 1000
Xtract Broadleaf & Thistle herbicide